After strong demand of its customers – biomass consumers, our company proceeded to research, development and construction of a state of the art biomass dryer and specifically the core of three-phase oil mill. The above dryer is capable with minor modifications, where is needed, to operate with other types of biomass. The whole approach in the design and construction of the dryer aims to operate without problems and with the lowest power consumption. Our company is able to offer all the necessary subsystems as dedusting filters, cyclones etc.

Core Drier of the three phase olive mills
OKD500, 500kg / h


Three-phase Core Dryer

Type: OKD500
Input: 950kg / h core with moisture 54%
Output – supply of the finished product: 500kg / h of dry product with moisture 12%
Consumption: <100kg / h dry core (<12%)
Absorbed electric power: 9kW
General External dimensions: 4m X 11m X 7m (height)