Industrial Dedusting Filters-Baghouses

During recent years the environmental sensitivity of the international industrial production has an amazing increase. More and more companies are intended to cover the environmental requirements of the society, in which they operate, with the most efficient and economical way. SIGMA-IS S.A has developed the best technology (Industrial Dedusting Filters- Baghouses) to serve this goal. Therefore, we can front emissions (smoke, powder etc.) as well as dioxins, furans and NOx, with very successful ways, adapted to each application.

In every case, our goal is to be harmonized with the objectives of companies and the environmental requirements, namely to achieve the lowest possible emissions with the most economical way. That we also take into account during the design process is to minimize installation maintenance needs. Our company has the great advantage to use integrated expertise in the design and manufacture of Industrial Dedusting Filters-Baghouses. SIGMA-IS S.A calculates designs and manufactures all the necessary subsystems, such as high efficiency fans, vents with the lowest possible pressure drop, inert powder or hydrated lime feeders, air-locks, electronic control boards, self-cleaning systems, water quenching systems, Urea spraying systems etc.


The problem:
Industrial Dedusting Filters Baghouses 1

The solution:
Industrial Dedusting Filters Baghouses