The industrial company SIGMA-IS S.A. was founded in 2002 and it is part of the Greek holding Viohalco Group. It is located in Pernik, Bulgaria. The factory is landed on 10 600 sqm. and has extended machinery park. Currently, the company enjoys the confidence of the whole of the Bulgarian, Greek and European heavy industry, having expanded throughout the Balkans.

The company specializes in the following fields:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures
  • Industrial Ventilation and Industrial Filtration systems undertaking the design, construction and installation of highly efficient, state of the art Dedusting Systems such as, filter units of various technologies, bag filters, Air Heaters and Hot Air Generators. Through our years of experience in this particular domain, we have successfully managed to foster long-term and prosper relationships with our customers, providing them with innovative and long lasting technical solutions.
  • Provision of services for repair, maintenance and reconstruction of metallurgical equipment
  • Repair and recovery of electrical equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of Overhead cranes and lifting equipment

Technical Mastery

SIGMA-IS S.A. develops and applies its very own technical know-how in every aspect of the designing and constructing process of all of its products. The design department is responsible for thoroughly studying each individual customer’s needs and developing customized technical solutions, as to achieve maximum optimization. The detailed and precise designs are always provided to the client in various formats.

Green Development and Energy Saving

The company’s identity and activity have been developed according to its primal goal, which is no other than support of the heavy industry by provision of high quality and at reasonable cost metallic structures, reliable service and maintenance, as well as protection of the environment. For instance, supplying the heavy industry with Dedusting Systems, which significantly reduce pollutant emissions or creating Industrial Ventilation Systems, which achieve maximum efficiency due to their aerodynamic form, serve the scope of our philosophy for a harmonious relationship between industry and environment. The foundational principle that SIGMA-IS S.A. follows is the highest level of efficiency and economy in each single system, from a single fan or a mini air heater, to a large integrated dedusting system. As a result, all products that carry our trademark emit the lowest possible amount of CO2, leaving the smallest energy “footprint” on the environment.

Standard of quality

SIGMA-IS S.A. takes it as its major responsibility to always carry out an exceptional standard of quality in all the services and products that it provides; regardless any given external circumstances, to meet the expectations of a competitive market. This standard of quality is guaranteed by:

  • The well-proven, advanced expertise in combination with company’s flexibility
  • Experience in the design and manufacturing areas, as a result of 14 years of development
  • Using exclusively high-quality raw materials
  • The choice of appropriate and reliable partners
  • The constant training in all technical and technological issues, related to the company’s expertise
  • The continuing investment in state-of-the-art equipment

But above all, the most significant quality reassurance is the professionalism of the people of SIGMA-IS S.A., the respect of the customer and the deep commitment to high-quality and specification of the final product. Our policy is to always offer excellent quality and comprehensive study, design and installation, following the scientific developments.

Main products

Some instances of our main products are:

  • Various steel structures based on customer needs and requirements
  • Industrial ventilators, fans, blowers and all type fans, covering a wide range of performance (0.5 – 1.000kW).
  • Dedusting Systems (Industrial Filters – Filter bags- Cyclones).
  • Hot air generators-air heaters combustion heating oil, LPG, natural gas and biomass such as pomace or wood residues pellets.
  • Mild steel and stainless steel chimneys, with or without insulation, for every need or application.
  • Repair of AC / DC motors
  • Machining and processing of small and large equipment and spare parts

(To see a more detailed list please visit the section Products.)

 Additional services and products 

  • Complete industrial ventilation systems, including electrical and electronic tables and automation systems (PLC, inverters, etc.)
  • Complete solutions for specialized customers’ needs: research, design and special constructions
  • Static and dynamic balancing of impellers by an electronic, high-precision machine. Balancing may be formed either on-site or in the production unit of the company
  • Full electronic ventilators’ control, dedusting plants and technical equipment such as electrical and electronic boards.
  • Expertise in designing and supervising the fans’ construction and installation of complete dedusting and industrial ventilation systems. Also, provision of technical know-how to other companies

Quality Policy